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Crafting Excellence: Transforming Every Yacht into Art

Heysea's illustrious reputation is steeped in an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, a legacy now gracefully extended to offer customizable medium to large yachts, superyachts, and standardized sailing catamarans to a discerning global clientele. Whether indulging in intimate getaways or embarking on opulent seafaring adventures, Heysea meticulously crafts each vessel into a masterpiece, harmonizing luxurious design with individual preferences to ensure an unparalleled and sophisticated journey across the open seas.



●  Heysea delivers the first Vista75 catamaran powerboat, winning the favor of the owner.

●  Heysea will participate in the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Australia, showcasing the latest models from the Heysea World.

●  Heysea announced the global launch of Seaview 56 Catamaran at the Sanya International Yacht Center.

●  Heysea initiated the global dealer recruitment for the Heysea Seaview Catamarans  as their new strategy. 

●  The design and development of the Seaview 42ft. and 70ft. catamarans was commenced.

●  Heysea marked a significant milestone by delivering one 142ft. Asteria superyacht, two 56ft. Seaview catamarans and two 48ft. Seaview catamarans, which presents Heysea's strength in catamaran.

●  Heysea initiated the design of the Seaview 48ft.catamaran.

●  Heysea successfully delivered the first 43-meter superyacht, Asteria 142.

●  Heysea forged a strategic partnership with the leading global yacht broker Burgess.

●  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Heysea pioneered negotiating and signing contracts online, which successfully secured multiple overseas orders.

●  Collaborating with the renowned Italian designer Daolo Doze, Heysea introduced the Vista 75 power catamaran. 

●  To compete with its global peers, Heysea introduced a 56ft. sailing catamaran in the Seaview line-up and a 118ft. superyacht in the Asteria Line-up for the European market. 

●  The Asteria 126-foot superyacht received the 2020 MOTOR YACHT 25-40 METRES WINNER in the 25-40 Meter Powerboat International Design Award and was successfully delivered.

●  Heysea delivered its self-designed and constructed Vista 140ft. catamaran superyacht to the market. 

●  In Boat International's Global Order Book, Heysea ascended to the 12th ranking in all global superyachts.

●  To achieve further, Heysea and British designer Bill Dixson worked together to make a 56ft. catamaran. 

●  Heysea obtained the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

●  Heysea earned numerous awards, including Best Superyacht Manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific Region, Top 20 Chinese Yacht Brand Annual Selection, Chinese Yacht Brand Annual Selection Contribution Award, and Most Promising Manufacturer Diamond Award.

●  Aiming at the global market, Heysea launched the Asteria 126 ft. superyacht.

●  Heysea stepped further in 2017. It was acknowledged as the Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and the Guangdong Province Credit Demonstration Enterprise. 

●  The company received awards, such as Top 5 Enterprise of Most Craftsmanship Awards and Top 5 Yachting Brand in China.

●  In Boat International’s Global Order Book, Heysea secured the top in Mainland China and ranked 16 globally. 

●  At Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the biggest yacht exhibition in the world, Heysea revealed its 115 ft. superyacht in the Asteria line-up. 

●  The Zoom line-up got itself a new 58ft. member. 

●  Heysea was acknowledged as a Contract-keeping and Credential Enterprise in Guangdong Province and Jiangmen Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. 

●  Heysea exposed itself on the global stage by collaborating with the Italian studio Unielle Yacht Design. They developed another 115ft. superyacht in the Asteria line-up.

●  With the help of Italian designer Dado Dose, a 139ft. superyacht was developed for the European market.

●  Heysea’s in-house R&D department earned the company the award of National High-Tech Enterprise. 

●  Heysea, for the first time, was visible to the global audience and ranked 25th in the 2015 Global Order Book by Showboats International.

●  Heysea aligned itself with international standards and continued to elevate its quality standard, earning the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. Heysea stepped into its historical peak and became more appealing to all clients. It was titled Best Yachting Brand in China.

●  The Zoom Line-up was introduced, and the first was a 72ft. power yacht.

●  Partnered up with renowned Australian designer David Bentley, Heysea developed the Asteria 95ft. superyacht.

●  Heysea’s design earned its reputation again and was crowned China’s Best Design Award.

●  More clients saw the beauty of Asteria 108, giving her the title of China’s Best-Selling Domestic Powerboat and Highest Attention Index of Domestic Yachts.

●  Continuously advancing the manufacturing processes and quality, Heysea propelled to be the Best Yacht Manufacturer in China.

●  The flagship, Heysea 82, continued to be China’s Best-Selling Powerboat.

●  The latest Asteria 108 was granted China’s Powerboat Sales Award. 

●  A fully customizable 40-meter catamaran superyacht was initiated in-house. 

●  Heysea’s sales continued to soar, earning the title of Best-Selling Yacht Brand in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry. 

●  Likewise, the Heysea 82 sold 12 units, a record-breaking achievement that earned her the title of Best-selling powerboat in China. 

●  The Heysea Line-up continued its momentum by introducing a 70ft. vessel. 

●  Moreover, after the launch of the 108ft. superyacht, the Asteria 108, and the Asteria line-up, Heysea ventured into the challenge of making superyacht.

●  With cutting-edge innovative designs, Heysea received the Yacht Design Pioneer Award.

●  Heysea initiated China’s biggest, most influential, and first non-profit yacht design competition, the China University Student Yacht Design Competition.

●  The Heysea line-up had its new family member, an 82ft. Yacht and quickly became one of the most popular yachts of the same size.

●  Heysea’s effort started paying off in the domestic market. They were honored as one of Top Ten Yacht Manufacturing Brands in China.

●  To answer the calls of clients, the 75ft. yacht was upgraded to 78ft., became the Top one of its kind domestically.

●  Heysea started focusing on medium to large yachts and introduced the Heysea Line. The first line-up included 55ft., 60ft., and 75 ft. yachts. 

Heysea Yachts Group established

●  Its headquarters in Hong Kong and was manufacturing in Jiangmen, Guangdong.

●  Initially focused on design, manufacturing, and sales of houseboats, Heysea emerged as a major supplier of houseboats in Hong Kong.

Sailing Towards Sustainability: Exploring Green Initiatives

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the pursuit of green solutions has become imperative across various industries. This exploration delves into the realm of sustainable solutions, emphasizing the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices to mitigate the ecological footprint. From innovative technologies to eco-conscious lifestyle choices, the journey towards sustainability is a collective endeavor that transcends industries and borders. Let's navigate the seas of green initiatives, uncovering the strides being made to harmonize progress with environmental stewardship. Heysea is charting a course towards sustainability by embracing renewable energy sources. From solar and wind propulsion systems to electric and hybrid engines, we are adopting green technologies to minimize reliance on traditional fossil fuels. This shift not only aligns with global environmental goals but also contributes to cleaner ocean.

Solar Energy Empowers Systems

In an effort to foster sustainability of our ocean, innovative measures are being taken to harness solar energy and minimize the environmental impact on our oceans. Planting solar modules on the hard-top of yacht’s flybridge not only aims to decrease reliance on diesel but also mitigates harm to the ocean ecosystem. The converted solar energy powers essential onboard life, ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly power source that contributes to a more sustainable and responsible maritime future.

Electric-Powered Yacht

To preserving ocean, Heysea presents a groundbreaking endeavor—a yacht propelled entirely by electricity. This visionary development not only eradicates the disruptive noise inherent in traditional engines but also leaves no carbon footprint. This electric-powered yacht signifies a pivotal stride towards sustainability in the maritime domain. By embracing cutting-edge, eco-conscious technologies, we aspire to redefine the industry standard, offering a luxurious voyage that seamlessly intertwines opulence with a profound respect for ocean.

Ever Carving Innovations: Shaping the Future with Precision

Endless Endeavor, Harvesting Success

The dynamic forces of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality serve as pivotal drivers behind Heysea's remarkable growth. With a persistent pursuit of overcoming technological challenges, Heysea acknowledged as a national high-tech enterprise. Additionally, the company has fortified its standing by establishing a provincial-level engineering technology research and development center.

As of 2023, Heysea has garnered over 30 prestigious awards in the yacht industry, including distinctions such as "Best Yacht Manufacturer in China," "Top Yacht Brand in China's Market," and "Best Yacht Design in China." Additionally, the company has received accolades such as Highest Attention Index for Domestic Yachts in China" and "Best Super Yacht Manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific Region." Notably, Heysea has also been recognized with the esteemed "Yacht and Aviation International Design Award." These achievements underscore Heysea's commitment to excellence in yacht manufacturing and innovation, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Fostering a Stage for Talent: Nurturing Excellence and Innovation

Design has been the cornerstone of Heysea's development. Recognizing the deficiency in yacht design expertise within China, Heysea Yachts Co., Ltd. took a pioneering step by inaugurating the China’s University Student Yacht Design Competition in 2010. Since its inception, the competition has garnered widespread participation, engaging students from over a hundred universities and attracting thousands of teams. This impactful initiative has left an indelible mark, directly influencing millions of individuals and playing a pivotal role in advancing and refining yacht design proficiency.

Ranked Top 12th in the Global
Luxury Yacht Industry

Since the introduction of Heysea's inaugural and highly acclaimed model, Heysea 75ft, in 2007, the company has achieved a milestone by successfully delivering over 100 composite and steel yachts. This accomplishment has consistently positioned Heysea in the top 30 of the "Global Order Book" by Boat International Media for seven consecutive years, starting from 2014. Notably, in 2019, Heysea secured the impressive 12th position, solidifying its status as the largest manufacturer of luxury yachts in China.