Asteria 96

Length overall :28.64 M

Beam max :6.68 M

Draft (incl. props at full load) :1.52 M

Displacement (at full load) :86.00 Tons

Asteria, a name derived from a Greek Goddess, known for her Amazonian strength and beauty,  is the thene behind these aggressive and stylish yachts. When we look behind the name and probe deeper with in Asteria 96 we come away with the conclusion that this ship lives up to the image.

The Decor throughout Asteria 96 is subtle and restrained. Great headroom, ubiquitous windows and a judicious use of glass really make the interior decor shine. In the saloon, a light-colored furniture and ceiling, offers a pleasant contrast to the dark veneer cladding the walls and floor. The formal dinning room is an integral part of the main saloon with the same flooring and bespoke finishes. The size, views and the eye-catching glass bridge make the pilothouse an attractive multi-functional space.

The finest wood veneers, stones and fabrics make this interior accommodation feel like home. A clever use of recessed accent lighting offers a peaceful feeling in every area.

This yacht has beauty in the details behind the scenes as well. The galley is well appointed in the aft end of the yacht for the enjoyment of any chef. The systems are installed with ease of access in mind. Each function has been studied for reliability and long life. Your crew will be pleased with their ability maintain the yacht due to rigorous planning by Heysea beforeband.

Whether the Asteria is moored in it marina or at sea voyaging to the next great destination, this yacht will catch the attention of other boating people due to its stylish exterior design and striking placement of colors and  striping details. People you pass by will always comment…“it must be a Heysea !

This exceptional yacht promises guests a highly civilized adventure at sea. When delivered to your marina as your new yacht, you will only have to add food, water, and fuel and your enjoyment will be non stop.





Technical characteristics

Main Technical data
Length overall : 28.64 M
Beam max : 6.68 M
Draft (incl. props at full load) : 1.52 M
Displacement (at full load) : 86.00 Tons
Engine CAT 1136hp×2
Max Speed 20 Knots
Range 12 H
Fuel 6000 L
Fresh Water 1200 L
Length waterline
Mast Height above WL
Full-batten Mainsail
Selftacking Jib
Cruising Speed