Asteria 116(US Version)

Length overall :35.05M

Beam max :7.62M

Draft (incl. props at full load) :1.52M

Displacement (at full load) :157.00Tons

Asteria 116 is a cooperated project between Heysea and a globally renowned studio -- Unielle Yacht Design. She attracts what she deserves in the market and impresses them with her vastly loaded leisure facility. The usage of her streamlined exterior design forced strong visual contrast to stimulate your guests’ fastidious sense of aesthetics.

Her tri-deck structure functions in a variety of ways such as leisure activities, business meetings, weekend parties, etc. French windows overs most of the living areas giving your life transparent above the wave. Transparency is the key to enter your master’s cabin, where you can rest at the center of the ocean. Her stern has a hydrophilic platform beach club, allows the seawater flows around you. Enjoy yourself on Asteria 116, let her express the fascination of nature and the meaning of true relaxation.





Technical characteristics

Main Technical data
Length overall : 35.05M
Beam max : 7.62M
Draft (incl. props at full load) : 1.52M
Displacement (at full load) : 157.00Tons
Engine CAT 1925hp×2
Max Speed 23 Kn
Range 12 H
Fuel 13500 L
Fresh Water 4000 L
Length waterline
Mast Height above WL
Full-batten Mainsail
Selftacking Jib
Cruising Speed