Heysea  Yachts






Founded by a group of experienced naval architects and engineers in 2007, Heysea is China’s leading manufacturer of custom and production yachts in the mid-to-large range. Combining Chinese manufacturing experience and the western culture of yachting. Heysea is defying the Chinese product stereotypes priding itself in high quality and product flexibility. Located in China’s Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong, Heysea’s shipyard allows for the simutaneous construction of more than ten yachts and a maximum length exceeding 142ft.  Following the introduction of Heysea's first model Heysea 75 in 2007 the company has now successfully developed and sold many new models in composite and steel. As a direct result, the company climbed nine places since 2015 and ranked 16th in the 2018 Global Order Book published by Boat International, being the only PRC based yacht builder to be named as top 20 in the list. Effortrs in the design and derelopment of new yacht designs.  Heysea’s success is built on a strong in-house team of dedicated engineers, designers and craftsmen. With the ability to provide the full package from concept to delivery, Heysea is known for its competitively priced and highly customisable yachts. Establishing relationships with brokers around the world, Heysea’s close cooperation with international design studios and yacht management companies has already landed the company several overseas clients yachts and establish the company's presence in the overseas market. Conveniently located on the South coast of China's industrial powerhouse province Guangdong and in close proximity to Hong Kong, Heysea has formed close ties with local, national and international suppliers. Besides the advantage for customers to choose from a variety of materials, systems and solutions, it enables the company to perfectly balance cost, quality and compatibility – resulting in outstanding luxury yachts for our customers.